PS – Philanthropy Seminars

Posted on February 12, 2014 in News, News Archive

PS – Philanthropy Seminars

The Center for Philanthropic Studies at VU University Amsterdam organizes PS – Philanthropy Seminars. Through Philanthropy Seminars, the Center exchanges results of research on philanthropy with practitioners in the philanthropy sector.



Previous seminars:


Measurement of donor trust, and its importance to fundraising by Professor Chris Burt

University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Numerous studies have found relationships between aspects of donor decision-making and donor trust.  Perhaps the strongest of these relationships is the association between a donor’s perception of a charity’s trustworthiness and their willingness to make a donation to the charity.  Given the importance of donor trust for fundraising, it is argued that charities should be regularly evaluating trust perceptions in their donor population.  Unfortunately, many of the options available for the measurement of donor trust have both methodological and practical limitations.  These limitations are discussed, and research on a technique termed donation splitting is described.  Results from the use of donation splitting are discussed in term of evaluating the impact of a charity’s financial management on donor trust, and in terms of delivering trust building advantages.

Government subsidies and international relief and development work

Organized jointly with NCDO, the national  expertise and advisory centre for citizenship and international cooperation

The Dutch government announced severe budget cuts in subsidies for NGOs working in the field of international relief and development. How will these budget cuts affect fundraising efforts and levels of private giving? Will declining subsidies be compensated by increasing donations? René Bekkers will present recent and ongoing research at the Center for Philanthropic Studies about the influence of changes in government subsidies on giving to international relief and development work. Details about the venue and time of the seminar will be announced later.