Based at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, the Center for Philanthropic Studies is the leading research center on philanthropy in the Netherlands


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Philanthropy research in one minute by Arjen de Wit

Arjen de Wit was recently nominated for the Research Award by the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In this one-minute video, he briefly introduces his research on the interactions between philanthropy and the welfare state. Currently,...

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Inaugural lecture of Professor Pamala Wiepking on March 19, 2021

It is my pleasure to invite you to my inaugural lecture on March 19, 2021, during which I will accept the full professorship “The Societal Significance of Charity Lotteries” at the Center for Philanthropic Studies at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, the...

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Giving in the Netherlands 2020

We are proud to announce the publication of Giving in the Netherlands 2020. The publication gives an estimate of the total size of philanthropy in the Netherlands, including gifts from households, corporations, foundations, bequests, and lotteries. Download a summary...

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Save the Date: Giving in the Netherlands 2020 book launch

The yearly Philanthropy Day (Dag van de Filantropie) will be celebrated on Wednesday April 15, 2020 with an interactive symposium. This event marks the launch of the Giving in the Netherlands 2020 publication.Giving in the Netherlands 2020 is part of the longitudinal...

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